A Day In The Life Of An Artist : Demian Gibbins

This collection mark the first of many story portraits to come. This particular collection features a day in the life of Melbourne based artist Demian Gibbins. Demian is a very talented artist and feel free to check out some of his work on his website: www.demianfineart.com . More photos from this collection can be found here


You know how you have one of those days when everything seem to align? This was one of those days... The sun was setting with a cloudless sky as a backdrop, the tall grass in the field seem to pose beautifully in every shot, colours were beaming with fullness and every photo turns to gold as the subject moves gracefully from shot to shot. This was taken for an incredible singer / songwriter named K-Rae (@k_rae_musicat the end of 2014. Having written songs for artists with the likes of Dami Im, she is embarking on this journey as a solo artist this year and I can't wait for all of you to listen to her songs when it is released! (I've heard it and trust me it's good!!) Watch this space world! 

Check out more pictures of the photoshoot here