I managed to head back to Hong Kong for a recent tour I did and went a couple of days early to capture some photos! You can check out the photos here but here is a couple of them below:


In my trip to Europe in 2013, I visited 6 different cities in 6 weeks. One of my regrets was that I didn't spend enough time in London. There was so much to discover and too little time. Well I guess it gives me an opportunity to make another trip there soon! 

You can see more photos of London in my gallery


I've spent three days travelling in Prague last year (2014) not knowing much about the city except hearing that it was beautiful. And boy, I was absolutely blown away by its beauty and rich history. I would definitely made a trip back there sometime and recommend Prague to anyone travelling in Europe. 

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The city I've come to love - Paris. Riding through the sunset, the details in the parisian architecture and its rich history are some of the things I will always remember from my two trips to Paris so far. 

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