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nature Meets prints

Being a photographer, I always wanted to sell my images but didn't want to do what every other photographer was doing. I had thought of many different concepts but none stuck with me...till now. It is my pleasure to introduce Wood Prints.  

it is the imperfections that make it perfect.

Wood, being a natural product, brings a new dimension to prints. The grain difference in every piece of wood makes each creation unique, ensuring that you as the owner have a one of a kind product. My image is digitally printed onto birch wood and mounted with 230gsm kraft stock, reinforcing the print against wood warping. It is these little imperfections (including discolouration by UV rays) that makes these prints a perfect partnership between nature and man - beauty in imperfection. The custom made frames are made with Tasmanian Oak to give that luscious end result. In addition, a tree is planted for every tree used in the making of these prints through our manufacturer. 



Each print is proudly made and framed in Melbourne, Australia. 



Select from three wonderful iconic Australian landmarks framed (36.5cm L x 32cm H x 3cm W) or unframed (20cm L x 25cm H). Each design is a limited edition print (100 copies available) 

The designs listed below are the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House and Melbourne Central Shot Tower

8" x 10" Print  - $80 (+$5 postage)
Framed 8" x 10" Print - $260 (+$20 postage)

*All costs are in AUS dollars and postage valid only within Australia. 

If you would like to be the proud owner of one or more of these prints, please contact me at .